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The Snow Base is the place where you can buy and sell your snow sports clothing, equipment and accessories.

The Snow Base works like most online shopping sites - you find a product you like and add it to your basket, then check out and pay for it. However, we have one big difference that we think you'll like...

When you advertise your goods for sale, you can choose whether or not you will accept an offer on the product. If you are willing to accept offers, buyers can make an offer and you will be notified. You can choose to accept or decline the offer and the buyer is notified of your decision. If the offer is acceptable, the buyer can log in to his/her account and the product will be shown to them (and only them) at the offer price rather than the original price and they can buy at that price.

This gets away from the auction mentality of bidding wars and false bidding by friends of the seller to inflate prices. The deal on The Snow Base is between the seller and buyer only.

Try it - we think you'll like it!

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