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FAQ List


How do I receive money for items I have sold?
Are there any other charges besides the 5% sale fee?
How many products can I list on The Snow Base?
What type of goods can I list for sale on The Snow Base?
In what order will products listed be shown?
Is it possible for me to get my listing back to the top of the list?
How much does a Bump credit cost?
Am I limited to how many times I can bump my listing?
Why do I need to open an account with The Snow Base to sell my products?
Can I open a business account with The Snow Base?
How many images of my product can I show with my listing?
What happens if I have more than one of a product to sell? Do I have to sell all of them at the offer price?
Is there a facility for me to upload multiple products in one go?

Posting Period

How long will my product advert show on The Snow Base?


I’m looking for a product manufactured by a brand that is not listed on the Brands page. Does that mean it will not be for sale on The Snow Base?
Do I need a PayPal account in order to buy goods?
Why do I need to open an account with The Snow Base to buy products?
How does the Make an Offer system work?

Banner Adverts

How much does it cost to place a banner advert on the site?
Can I buy a package of banner credits?
How long will my banner advert stay on the site?
Where will my banner advert appear on the site?
Can I renew a banner advert that has expired?
What if there is no space left when I want to display my banner?
How do I upload a Banner Advert?


What fees will I pay for advertising with The Snow Base?
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