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How it Works


We have tried to make buying and selling paintings, ceramics, photographs and sculpture on the Art Offers website as simple as possible. Below is an outline of how things work.

First off, Art Offers is not an auction site. You won’t be getting into a bidding war for an item and items won’t be falsely bid on by friends of the seller to inflate the price.


If you want to sell art, vases, sculpture or photographic works on Art Offers, it’s pretty simple. All you need to do is open a seller account, which takes about 2 minutes and you’re ready to start listing. You can click this button to open the registration page:

Initially, you will find yourself at the Dashboard of your account and the button to sell your work is visible on the left hand column.

However, before doing anything else, please complete your seller profile. You can be a creative, gallery or agent. We need this information in order to pay you for any goods you sell on Art Offers. A confirmed Stripe account is required in order to make payment to you. You can input your Stripe details on the Seller Profile page.

Once you have completed your Seller Profile, you can now list your artworks for sale. But before rushing in and listing the product, have a quick think… How many photos do you want to show of the product? The first 5 that you display are free of charge. If it’s more than 5 then spend £1.99 by buying photo credits. This will buy you another 5 photos so you can list up to10. Want to post 15 photos? Buy 2 credits to add 10 and so on.

Once you click the button to sell a product, it’s a relatively short form that you need to fill in. Next to some fields you will see a ? Roll your mouse over it and a helpful tip will appear to tell you what that field is for.

Near the bottom of the form is an important selection: Accept offers. You can select yes or no. If you want a price that is non negotiable for your product, select no. Your product will be displayed on the website at the price you have chosen .

If you choose yes, the product will be displayed at your chosen price but buyers will see that you are willing to accept an offer. (See Buying to find out how this works)

If you have several of the same item for sale, each item is classed individually, so even though you have accepted an offer on one of the items, the others will still show at the full price until an offer is made on another one.

If you wish to add multiple products to Art Offers, we have created a simple Mass Upload function for you. From your control panel area find the link on the left menu for Mass Product Upload and follow the instructions shown on the page.


Art Offers works in much the same way as many online shopping sites. Once you have chosen your item(s) they are added to your shopping basket and you go to the checkout and pay with your credit or debit card.

Some artworks you find on the site will have a button saying Make an Offer, next to them. This allows you to offer a different price to the one advertised. In order to make an offer on a product, you must open an account with the site.

When you make an offer on a product, the seller is notified by email and they can log into their account and either accept or decline your offer. This is notified to you via email.

You may see a box that says your offer is outside of the Guide Price range that the artist or gallery has set for this artwork. You will need to make an offer within the Guide Price range. Depending on how popular and how many offers have been received for a particular piece of work, the artist of gallery will make a decision about your offer; accepting or declining it. Don't assume that a relatively high offer will be accepted or a relatively low offer will be declined. It's all about synchronicity and being in the right place at the right time with the right offer on the right artwork.

If your offer has been accepted, you should log into your account and go to the product. You will now see it shown at the price you offered. You can then buy the product at that price.

If the seller declines your offer, you will receive notification by email and a suggestion that you make a revised offer.

If you wish to buy the artwork at the price advertised simply click on the 'add to cart' and follow the process to make your purchase, without worrying about the offer accept/reject process.

Thank you for buying and selling on Art Offers. We hope you enjoy your experience.

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